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Trogir is a town with extremely rich historical and cultural heritage. In the year 1997 Trogir was declared a town under the protection of UNESCO. It is a town of the God of the fortuitous moment. During your visit, by walking through narrow streets try to catch Kairos by the lock of his hair, according to the legend if you succeed you will have eternal happiness and beauty. Its unique position on a small island renders traffic difficult so in order to successfully avoid traffic jams in the summer we recommend renting a scooter or a bicycle in order to visit all of the important cultural monuments in an efficient manner. Your accommodation unit is located in the heart of Trogir on a small island connected both with main land and with the island of Čiovo with two bridges.We can certainly say that the Kamerlengo fortress is a symbol of the town of Trogir. In the course of its history it served to defend the city against the turkish invasion. The entry fee for adults is 25.00kn while for children the price is 15,00 kn. From the top of the Kamerlengo fortress a wonderful view of the entire city and its surroundings is offered to you. The main city square is named after the pope John Paul the II, this is also the location of the tourist community of the town of Trogir. The most impressive edifice found on the square is certainly the Saint Lawrence cathedral. You can climb on top of its bell tower from which a beautiful view on Middle Dalmatian islands opens up. At the entrance to the cathedral a famous portal is found, it is a work of the master Radovan from the year 1240 and represents the most significant medieval portal in this part of Europe. Wherever you go you will certainly come across parts of the old town from which a sort of mystic emanates and Trogir is truly filled with such locations. Be sure to keep in mind that those in search of happiness come to the „town of the fortuitous moment“. Trogir also has numerous museums as well as a rich gastronomic offer. The entire town offers an abundance of every day events ranging from concerts in the Kamerlengo fortress to events in the Duke's palace.It has an ideal location and for that reason having Trogir as your starting point gives you the possibility to visit the surrounding destinations like for example Split ( the second largest city in Croatia), Šibenik or the surrounding islands Hvar, Brač and Šolta. If you plan on visiting Split we advise taking the boat that departs from the immediate vicinity of your accommodation unit.The boat runs several times a day at a price of 5 euro per direction. You can always find a great variety of field trips in Trogir, like the tour of Drvenik Veliki and Mali famous for its crystal clear sea, you can also visit national parks Krka and Plitvica lakes as well as island Hvar, Bol, Šolta.You can rest at several beaches in Trogir. One of the most famous beaches is the so called „Copacabana“ situated in Okrug at a distance of 5 km from Trogir. Apart from the sea and the sun, you can enjoy it numerous other contents. Refresh yourself with a cold drink or with a cup of coffee or treat yourself with pizza and pancakes in many restaurants and bars located on the beach. The beach „Pantana“ located at a mere distance of 1.5 km from Trogir is 500 meters long. „Pantana“ is the only beach that has both gravel and sandy parts. Moreover at the distance of 4 km from Trogir a famous beach „Medena“ can be found, it is a cultivated, 3km long gravel beach, surrounded by pine forest coupled with numerous sport contents it has to offer. The road to reach Vila Jadran is quite simple, once you cross the big bridge just make a left turn and follow the road. In about 300 meters on your right you will spot a turn where Vila Jadran is located.

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  • Dobar 2.6
    Par Hrvatska
    Ceste pune grba i rupa, prometno previše, nema trotoara za pješake do centra Trogira, na svakoj se plaži nešto kopa pa je more svo bijelo od šljunka.
  • Natprosječan 4
    Par Bosna i Hercegovina
    très bon accueil et très bien situé
  • Vrlo dobar 3.4
    Par Slovenia
    Bližina zanimivih krajev
    Priporočam Solaris, boste prej prišli (1 uro oddaljen) kot na otok Čiovo... Blizu tudi Primošten-zelo lepo urejen kraj z lepo plažo.
    V mestu Trogir težko dobite kavo po 21h. Dobite pa koktajl in glasbo, ki sploh ne paše v ambient...
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